Statuary marble fire surround. A regency style fireplace, with reeded tapered jambs. The centre plaque, end blocks and mouldings are inlaid with semi-precious Bluejohn and Lapis lazuli. Soanian influences (Sir John Soane) Regency proportions.

NB: These images are of previously completed work, including commissions and restorations. Because of the understanding of restoring antiques and making bespoke fire surrounds, it is possible to make one off copies from antique designs or drawings. Designs can be authentically copied or elaborated on using newly sourced or reclaimed materials.

We do not have a reproduction range and always try to make one off pieces or source antiques wherever possible, as the materials and craftsmanship are of a vastly superior quality to factory made pieces from most other sources.

  • Materials : Statuary marble, Blue John, Lapis lazuli
  • Stock Reference Number : MF1
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