This item is now SOLD. Large contemporary fossilised wood table top. Made from veneered sections of sliced petrified wood. Could be used as a coffee table, side table or console table. The top rests on a square section, rectangular brushed stainless steel base. The fossils come from trees submerged in water, perhaps muddy swamps. Slowly minerals replace the organic matter over millions of years, literally turning wood to stone. Objects of rarity and quality should not need replacing. Good craftsmanship and materials speak for themselves. Handmade pieces embody the energy of a craftsman. Mass produced objects look like mass produced objects, despite an often high price tag. Antiques and bespoke items are truly of merit as they retain intrinsic value, simply by being created by hand. Indeed, there is life in hand made objects.
  • Tabletop Dimensions - inches : 47.25 x 23.5
  • Table Base Height - inches : 27
  • Metal Base Colour : stainless steel
  • Materials : Petrified wood
  • Stock Reference Number : FW2