Blue-John & Derbyshire Fossil Marble table, inlaid semi precious stones, rare marbles from antiquity and hard-stone specimens. The tabletop is bordered with a banding of Siena marble and framed with Ashford black marble. Most noteworthy is the centre feature, a large specimen of Blue-John in a star shaped pattern of black fossil marble. This table was made with fragments of an antique mineral collection, including some labelled from Pompeii. Each table top on the website is unique, made from luxury marbles sourced from antique fragments or expensive collections from stone yards. These marbles originate from quarries beginning in antiquity, many of which are now closed. They therefore cannot be mass produced, and are true one-offs. Modern quarries produce stones of varying interest and colour, but these often look lifeless in comparison with the celebrated stones from antiquity. Often interiors using these stones are renewed as fashion dictates. Objects of rarity and quality should not need replacing. Good craftsmanship and materials should speak for themselves and handmade pieces embody the energy of a craftsman.
  • Tabletop Dimensions - inches : 38 7/8 x 17
  • Table Base Height - inches : Tabletop only.
  • Materials : Derbyshire Fossil Marble, Blue-John, semi precious stones, Siena, Ashford black marble.
  • Stock Reference Number : PD7
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