Inlaid ammonite table. The fossils are inlaid into an Italian (Grigio Carnico) marble background representing a tempestuous ocean. Could be used as a coffee table, side table or console table. These tables enhance what nature has already given us to discover. A painting in stone of millions of years of the Earth and its life. Ammonites, and orthoceras are extinct invertebrates, related to squid, cuttlefish and octopuses. They are thought to be 65-400 million years old. The name ammonite is taken from a resemblance to tightly curled ram's horns.  Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist philosopher and author, called them 'Ammonis Cornua' or 'Horns of Ammon', an Egyptian god. There is a beautiful collection of ammonites in Sherborne Castle, along with a 19th century table top, which is surprisingly modern in design. On a wrought iron base, powder coated paint finished in Antique Silver colour. This table is now SOLD.
  • Tabletop Dimensions - inches : 31.4 x 14.5
  • Metal Base Colour : Antique Silver
  • Materials : Grigio Carnico, Ammonite specimens
  • Stock Reference Number : AM2
  • Copyright : Hurley Marble. All Rights Reserved.